Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a Catholic funeral home assist me with Social Security benefits and veterans death benefits?

A: Absolutely, in most cases we can help initiate the entire process with the deceased's Social Security number and DD214 (military discharge paperwork).

Q: Can I make my funeral arrangements before I die?

A: Many Catholic families have planned and funded funeral and burial arrangements well in advance of loss. Preplanning gives families the chance to consider options and preferences while they are free from the emotional and financial pressures that come at a time of loss. When you purchase a preplanned funeral, you can guarantee the price of your funeral home services and merchandise. 

Q: How many types of caskets exist and why are some more expensive than others?

A:There are four basic categories of casket: composite, steel, wood and semi-precious metal. Factors that affect price include thickness and type of steel or metal. Design of exterior and fabric interior, wood type and finish will all dictate price, as will quality of construction and origin of workmanship. There are many casket models to choose from. 

Q: How much does a funeral cost?

A:The cost of a funeral depends on the type of service and casket/urn chosen. You may customize your service by selecting individually priced services from our general price list, or by selecting one of our service plans where those decisions have already been made. All that would be left to decide on with the selection of a service plan is the type of casket or urn that would be used and any outside expense items such as death certificates, obituaries, flowers and motor escort.

Q: What is the purpose of embalming?

A: Embalming sanitizes and preserves the deceased, slows the decomposition process, and enhances the appearance of someone. Embalming makes it possible to lengthen the time between death and the final disposition, thus allowing the family members time to arrange and participate in the type of service most comforting to them.

Q: Why have a public viewing?

A: Viewing is part of many cultural and ethnic traditions. Many grief specialists believe that viewing aids the grief process by helping the bereaved recognize the reality of death. Viewing is encouraged for children as long as the process is explained.

Q: Does the Catholic Church approve of cremation?

A:The Church strongly prefers that cremation take place following a funeral Mass with the body present. However, when this is not possible, all the usual rites that are celebrated with a body present may also be celebrated in the presence of cremated remains. The Catholic Church requires the cremated remains to be buried or entombed in a family grave, urn garden or a columbarium. Scattering or keeping cremated remains in the home are not considered reverent forms of disposition.

The Church requires that the cremated remains be housed in one urn. Therefore, designer keepsake urns, such as jewelry, are not acceptable in Catholic funeral practices. We offer a wide variety of memorial urns that are suitable for burial or entombment.