At Holy Cross Catholic Funeral Home, we take care of everything related to your traditional Catholic funeral, including the vigil, funeral Mass and graveside committal. All of our packages include the services of a funeral director and staff. We can also advise you and your family on most death-related matters. More than a service, it is our ministry to serve and comfort families in their time of need.

We offer the following funeral services:

  • Complete funeral and cemetery services
  • Complete funeral and cemetery preplanning services
  • Catholic funeral rites (Vigil, Funeral Mass, Committal)
  • Catholic funeral and cremation
  • Funeral director and staff services        
  • Embalming
  • Washing, dressing, cosmetics and casketing
  • Use of facilities for visitation and vigil
  • Cremation
  • Transportation of deceased
  • Limousine service

We also offer a wide selection of funeral merchandise, including:

  • Caskets (Wood, Stainless Steel, Bronze & Copper)
  • Cremation Caskets
  • Cremation Urns
  • Burial Vaults
  • Memorial Books, Prayer Cards, Folders, etc.
  • Crucifixes and Crosses
  • Rosaries
  • Flag Cases
  • Lifeview DVD Tribute
  • Flowers
  • Grave Monuments

We offer the following cemetery services:

  • Traditional ground burial
  • Ground crypt burial
  • Private family estates
  • Mausoleum entombment
  • Memorialization

Reflections on Cremation